• Good Dog Houston (map)
  • 903 Studewood St
  • Houston, TX, 77008
  • United States

Frame Dance returns with a brand new show, Dinner / Dance 19. This live performance and dinner is a collaboration with Frame Dance, chef David Leftwich, Executive Editor of Sugar & Rice magazine, music composer Robert Honstein, winner of the 2014 Frame Dance Music Composition Competition, and new electronic music, including "Rain Dances" by Matthew Peterson.

Dinner / Dance 19 will examine the relationship with food through the study of movement and dance in the growing, preparation, service, and consumption of food. To prepare for the live performance, Frame Dancers worked at Plant It Forward Farms to learn movements associated with growing and harvesting food and they worked with David Leftwich in the kitchen studying the movements of food preparation. The dancers will also study the movements of food service and eating a meal. The performance/dinner takes place Monday, May 19, 2014 at Heights-area restaurant Good Dog Houston (903 Studewood, Houston, TX 77008). 

Tickets $65 | framedance.org | BYOB

More information including tickets HERE