"Composer Matthew Peterson...painted an unruly nature, snorting with life and power, making the echo into a compositional technique. 

Here the echoes result in a piece that seems to sound in several horizontal layers, cut into parallel realities. It trembles like oscillating mirrors, vibrating in glittering threads; as if nothing is fixed and everything is just possibility, the innermost spirit of material.

A fine-sounding, suggestive, innovative piece, which I hope the orchestra takes up again."

Susanne Holmlund, Sundsvalls Tidning 

"Composer Matthew Peterson, born in the USA, active in Sweden, wanted to write music full of life and was inspired by a many-faceted text about nature and word from the Old Testament...And yes, nature's awakening energies stream out of this attractively vibrating, somewhat minimalistic work.

It proved to be an airy, elusive construction of reflexes, powerful zigzag lines, undulating dynamics and flickering facets, atmospheric clouds of light that constantly change values, echoes, voices embracing each other and big, physically pounding rhythms."

Camilla Dal, Gefle Dagbladet 

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