Horizon (2011)

2-channel fixed media
duration 6:18

Horizon features chords, progressions, and melodic motives from a song, "Horizons" written in early 2011. The resonant, chords and tones of Horizon were created using steel-string guitar samples processed with granulation in Max/MSP. These chords and tones swell and recede in rich crescendos and diminuendos.

The lyrics to Horizons are a fitting introduction to its "instrumental" child:

Holding close, yet letting go,
we never touch, we never know.
We come, we go, we meet and part
like earth and sky at the horizon.

Soft, the prairie light is fading yonder, dawn.
I try to meet you at the skyline,
but I'm never closer, always behind.

We're close enough to touch but still so far apart;
the distance is unknown.
And when I'm in between I don't know where I am,
but it still feels like home.


premiere: Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), January 21 2012