Paean (2012)

percussion quartet
(4 cans with sticks)
duration 4:00

"Paean quartus" is a type of poetic foot, or metrical unit, consisting of three unstressed syllables following by a stressed syllable: one-two-three-FOUR. This unit functions as a rhythmic motif throughout Paean, which was written for four players playing cans or similar "found" metal percussion.

A paean is also a song or poem expressing triumph or thanksgiving. In Lalah Hazelwood's original choreography for Paean, four dancers complement the four percussionists, all mirroring each other in canons and imitation, building exciting grooves through hockets and patterns.



premiere: Indiana Univ. percussionists, Buskirk Chumley Theater (Bloomington, IN), April 14-15 2012