Shining Arches (2015)

trumpet trio
duration 3:00


Shining Arches was commissioned by Ron Ramsay and Peter Vandervort to celebrate the marriage of Daniel Salyards and Tanner O'Clair Sunshine Lake, Duluth, Minnesota August 1st 2015.

Special thanks to Ron Ramsay for his enthusiasm and generosity, and to Sam Erickson for his friendship and advocacy. 

note from composer

This fanfare of cascading, overlapping brass, like sunlight on water, is to be played by three trumpets on a dock overlooking Sunshine Lake.

I was inspired by the performance setting (a northern Minnesota lake in summer, flanked by regal pines and birches), the celebratory occasion of a wedding, and by a classical architectural form, the arch. The commissioning party, Ronald Ramsay, is an architectural historian, with a deep appreciation for the history of his craft, and for new music as well. No doubt he will see the arches in this blueprint, constructed of sonic sunlight and waves. 

-Matthew Peterson, 6/29/2015, Stockholm



commissioned by Ron Ramsay and Peter Vandevoort
premiere: Duluth Symphony Orchestra trumpets, August 1 2015
additional performances: March 10 2016 (Bloomington IL)