smooth fat nasty (2017)

baritone saxophone
duration 7:30

Before I began composing this piece for saxophonist Linn Persson, we recorded her playing various sounds and techniques on her bari sax.

I could describe her playing in these videos as variously smooth, fat, and nasty, hence the title (which was also inspired by noxious quotes by the current US President). It was important to me to write a piece that was rhythmically and sonically vital: alternately cocky, ephemereal, funky and earthy.

"smooth fat nasty" was commissioned by Linn Persson for the 2017 Sound of Stockholm Festival.



commissioned by Linn Persson for Sound of Stockholm Festival November 2017
additional performances by Linn Persson: 2/19/18 (Stellenbosch, South Africa), 2/23/18 Purpur Festival (Kapstaden, South Africa), 3/4/18 Mejeriet (Lund, Sweden), Svensk Musikvår 3/16/18 (teater Lederman, Stockholm Sweden).