The River (2012)

SATB chorus, symphonic band, strings
duration 7:00

"River that in silence windest
Through the meadows, bright and free,
Till at length thy rest thou findest
In the bosom of the sea!

For long years of mingled feeling,
Half in rest, and half in strife,
I have seen thy waters stealing
Onward, like the stream of life."

     - from Longfellow's "To the River Charles"

"There is a river that runs throughout our lives:
through floods and droughts, troubled waters.
Yet neither winter's ice nor summer's heat
can stop our flowing.

For we all must ride our currents
from their source until the end.
We flow to the sea.
Flow, river, flow."

     - "The River," Matthew Peterson (2012)


Grand Forks Central High School Band, Orchestra, and Choir


commissioned by Grand Forks Central High School
premiere: Grand Forks Central band, choir, and orchestra (Grand Forks, ND), October 28 2013