Tumult and Flood (2016)

duration 17:30


Tumult and Flood was commissioned by Northwestern University Contemporary Vocal Ensemble for premiere February 4th, 2015.

It is dedicated to the conductor and musician Ben Bolter, with thanks for his friendship and advocacy.

note from composer

In July 2015 I was watching the rapids on Örekilsälven near our cabin in western Sweden. The salmon were going up the river to spawn and I would watch them in the powerful rapids, swimming against the stream, unable to advance up the high falls. Tumult and Flood was born as I watched the swirling and gushing whitewater.

Tumult and Flood is relentless, with its nearly constant 16th-note subdivisions and incessant motives.

I was swept away by the power of the year 2015, forced under the surface again and again.

-Matthew Peterson, New Years Day 2016 



commissioned by Northwestern University Contemporary Music Ensemble
premiere: Northwestern University CME, Feb 4 2016 (Evanston, IL)