VINGAR, Virvlar (2018)

soprano and tenor saxophone
duration 4:30

When I met Linn and Kirstin in their studio to begin working on this piece , I noticed a cardboard box that was marked by a silhouette of two swans in flight.

Migrating birds like geese, swans, and cranes will fly in a V formation, where the lead bird - each bird taking its turn - cuts through the air a little bit above the others, reducing wind resistance for those behind.

In this piece, the title "Vingar,Virvlar" (wings, vortices) works on a number of levels, not least in describing the sound and shape of the music. Together, the saxophones parts build single flowing lines, which climb upwards through a series of canonic treatments.The saxophones often switch parts in the line, like birds in flight switching position.

Saxophone is a soaring, beautifully resonant and vocal instrument, the sound somehow is appropriately matched to an image of great birds in flight.

-Matthew Peterson

"Vingar, Virvlar" (wings, vortices) by Matthew Peterson for soprano and tenor saxophone, performed by Linn Persson (sop) and Kristin Uglar (ten) November 21 2018 at Sundbyberg Kyrka, Sweden.


Linn Persson & Kristin Uglar, 11/21/28 Sundbyberg Kyrka