Reflections on the Death of the Beloved (2008)

symphonic band
duration 15:00

Reflections on the Death of the Beloved is dedicated to six young people who died before their time. They were lost to accidents, crime, disease, and war. Two passed immediately after work on this piece began.

It is painful when lives are lost to tragedy, especially when those lives are young. They have gone on to realms unknown and we cannot yet follow. But we remember, and we love, in whatever ways we can.



commissioned by the St. Olaf Band with funds from the Miles “Mity” Johnson Endowment
premiere: St. Olaf Band, St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN), May 22 2009
2013 Frank Ticheli Composition Contest, 2nd place
2010 ASCAP Foundation Rudolf Nissim Prize, Special Distinction,
2010 BMI Student Composer Award