Thunderheads (2011)

two percussionists
2 BD, 2 tams, 8 toms
duration 3:00

A thunderhead is a cumulonimbus cloud, a tall and dense formation that often brings heavy rain, thunder and lightning.

Thunderheads, a fanfare, was inspired by Great Plains thunderstorms. Two players with identical setups are separated in space and echo each other in canons and imitations. The effect suggests two great storm cells approaching from a great distance before colliding.

Thunderheads is dedicated to Jonathan Hess and Dave Hagedorn, with thanks for their dedication to many kinds of new music.


Jonathan Hess + Brian Calhoon


premiere: Boston Percussion Group, Boston Ahts Festival (Boston, MA), September 10 2011
additional performances: St. Olaf College (Northfield, MN), October 2011